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I have a Facebook page, and happen to be FaceFriends with one of my favorite musicians David Baerwald. For some reason a memory popped into my head that involves a song by the artist. First, make sure that you understand that when I find a song or artist I like, I just don’t listen to the music, I dissect it. I listen for all the little things that goes into mixing and engineering a good recording – what effects are used on the guitars, is the vocal track split or doubled, listen for little guitar or bass or vocal fills discretely peppered throughout the song, etc. etc… You get the idea.

The year is 1996. I went out of town one weekend and let my guitarist borrow my stereo speakers for a party. I get back in town, hook the speakers back up, and start cleaning the house… or something (hey, it was a long time ago, don’t remember all the details). I’m listening to “Born For Love”, a hopeful song about the triumph of love over everything dark, violent, and depressing that preceded it on Baerwald’s wonderful Triage album. It’s a favorite song and I’ve played it a zillion times. I know the song inside and out. All of a sudden, the bass abruptly cuts out toward the end of the song. I’m all “WTF”, thinking my guitarist blew my speakers!!! Only after replaying that section numerous times do I realize the bass cuts out in the recording. I was really annoying with myself, since (A ) I’m a production freak and usually notice those little subtle recording touches, and (B) my guitarist is very trustworthy and I shouldn’t have doubted him with my stuff. And worse – I’m a bass player! You would think I would have notice the cut-out long before I did!!!

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