Tortured Logic – Now They're Just Making S**t Up

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My Favorite radio host, Mark Levin, was just on his buddy Sean Hannity’s radio show, proclaiming that the enhanced interrogations of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed resulted in the disruption of a terrorist plot to attack Los Angeles. Problem is, the plot was disrupted in 2002, and KSM was not captured until 2003. Levin is saying that there was a second plot that was thwarted, but there is on record of that anywhere online, just speculation. There is one memo dated May 2005 between Principal Deputy Attorney General Steven G. Bradbury and the senior deputy general counsel for the CIAJohn A. Rizzo that says there was a second plot discovered through torture, but it has no details, and seems rather empty considering there has never been any mention of specific circumstances of the “Second Wave” plot, which could have been used to bolster President Bushes rational for using these techniques. This has all the stench of the Super-Dooper Santorum WMD Memo of 2006, a super secret doc that was going to prove menacing WMD’s were found in Iraq, which turned out to be paper dud, though it did show him to be a complete idiot contribute to his loss in the 206 election.

And, remember, this IS the same Bush appointee led CIA that , in the past, has not been shown to be, well, honest, and denied for instance they ever had any tapes of interrogations, up until the moment that it was revealed they had destroyed at least two of these non-existent tapes. I wonder if any of those tapes involved sessions with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed cofessing the “Second Wave”. I guess we’ll never know.

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