Fresno In The News – Here We Go Again

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Keeping up with a national trend, another Fresno FM station has switched from a music format, to talk radio. And yet again, it’s conservative talk radio. KJZN dropped its smooth jazz format and started talking today as 105.5 “The Truth”. I have nothing against conservative talk radio per se, and I do like one of the shows on the list, Jerry Doyle, if only because he played Michael Garibaldi on the SciFi show Babylon 5. But it would be nice to have more variety on the talk side of things (this will be the third station in the area to broadcast Michael Savage), and I wonder – how many right wing formats will this market support? You have KMJ 580, which has been around for over 80 years, that like a billion years in radio years. Then in the last eight months, two other stations KYNO and KMJ FM have opened shop. Can Fresno support four Con Talkers. Doubt it, but as they say in the industry… Stay Tuned!!!

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