Charge Your iPod; Kill A Polar Bear (or how I learned to hate the period and love the tampon).

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Looks like iPods are the next device to be targeted by the alarmist crowd. And the environuts wonder why they’re having such a hard time selling Global Warming Climate Change Man Caused Disaster….what, that one is already taken?

Look. What they need to do is look at the case of the tampon. They used to have to sell it for women who were having their “Special Time” (yes, I looked but couldn’t find a commercial featuring that line on youtube). But some clever folks down in Australia have found a hip new way to sell the icky produce. No more mention of absorption. No more driving around in a poluting convertible, getting advise from your mom about that “Not So Happy Time”. No more mention of wings, causing some women to wonder why they need to stuff an F-18 up their…. region. No. Make it fuzzy and fluffy. Love the tampon. Embrace the tampon.

The Global Warming bleeders need to hire the advert guys that did this commercial. Of course, the sugar coating in that commercial hides a nasty fact. Even tampons aren’t safe anymore. Let’s face it. Being alive destroys the planet.

But then, commercials like this next one might cause God to go ahead and move the Armageddon up a bit.

Jeez. How did I get from Global Warming to tampons?

PS. This one takes the cake. SNL couldn’t have done better!

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  1. By Jeff Alberts, May 15, 2009 @ 4:47 am


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