The Late Great State of California – Let The Bloodletting Begin

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Here is an example of how we Californians are going to pay for the petty foolishness and fiscal stupidity of the California legislature.

Both my cars are very low valued due to the fact that I buy my cars for real cheap, in the $300 range, fix them up, and then run them into the ground. Back in October of last year, the DMV registration for one car was $66 if paid on time. If late, the fee went up $20 dollars to $86.

My other car was due at the end of April. The fee, $56. The late fee? It’s not $20 dollars anymore. It’s gone up $61. Now the fee stands at $129. That’s triple. The late fee is based on the value of the car. Can you imagine if the car had a $300 plus fee and I was late?

Oh, and the great guys in the legislature have decided to completely cut the states public service known as Poison Control, as in gone completely. These are the folks you call when your kid swallows some pills, and you need to know the best thing to do to keep him or her from dying from a drug overdose.

I wonder how people outside the state will feel about moving to the state once word of this gets out. I wonder how many people living in California are going to stay.

PS. Here is another post I wrote about the pathetic state I live in.

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