Fresno In The News – The Best Defense EVER! A Band Of Gypsys Set Me Up To Feel Up Their Daughter.

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Yep! This may be one of the most bizarre stories that I’ve written about on It’s complicated. The printed news report is, as usual,  short on details. Here is a summary as I understand it.

Rick Berman, Harry Baker’s lawyer, says Baker was acquainted with the family. He says the defendant was lured to a hotel to meet the girls. One of the girls, who was 13 at the time, told him she had a lump on her breast, and the parents, being gypsies, would not take her to a doctor, so she wanted him to check. He did. She also said she had a funny smell coming from the nether region, and the defendant took a Kleenex dabbed down there, and smelled it for foul odors. He found nothing unusual. What he didn’t know was that the family had rigged a hidden camera in the room to video the event, and the gypsy family then proceeded to extort him for money. They even gave him a DVD copy of the video (I told you this was perhaps the most bizarre stories I’ve written about).

After  making a couple of payments to the family, the defendant realized the extortion would not stop and went to the FBI. Berman says it is clear on the video that Baker was not touching the girl in a sexual manner, and notes that he was not charged when he brought this to the attention of the authorities. As the case evolved, the minor girl, who was staying with an uncle or something – the parents had disappeared – was taken from the family by CPS and placed in foster care. She is now suing the denedant, and he just got arrested for molestation.

This guy was an idiot for touching her in any way. But do note, the defendant was indeed blackmailed, and he is the one that went to the FBI in the first place.  If his defense lawyer is truthful about the family plotting this, setting up a camera, and the nature of the touching being visible on the video as clearly not sexual in nature (if you’re a “Chester Molester”, do you grab a tissue to sample a girls naughty bits), should this guy be charged since this was clearly a set-up? Think DeLorean.  On the other hand, there seems to be reports that there is a second case that is about to be brought in Las Vegas.

I’m not judging this one, it’s just too weird at this point. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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  1. By Greg, October 14, 2009 @ 12:32 am

    Gypsys ??
    Isn’t that a mineral like calcite?

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