Gays In The Military – Barrack Obama, You’re No Abraham Lincoln!

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So Barrack Obama is still floating around platitudes yet taking no action to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Says it’s hard and complicated. Well, how did another president from Illinois deal with the inclusion of a minority into the armed forces? President Abraham Lincoln, realizing that more bodies in a Union uniform would give an advantage to his side during the Civil War, made the recruitment of blacks into the United States Army and Navy  part of the slavery ending Emancipation Proclaimation, issued on January first, 1963. How does Barrack Obama’s reluctance to allow gays to serve openly in the military compare?

Lincoln had a war to fight; Obama has a war to fight – Tie.

Lincoln increases troop size; Obama decreases via DADT – Lincoln for the win.

Which is harder – opening recritment for Blacks in the military in 1893, or allowing gay to serve openly in the military in 2009? Well, seeing that many more people still thought of blacks as inferior, but gays are much more “human” in our society, this is easy  –  Lincoln scores big time.

Blacks were a new addition to the troops; Gays are ALREADY IN the military (many more than most realize). So how is it that Lincoln can get over the prevailing racism of the day and open the amry and navy to black recruitment, yet, in todays “more tolerant” world, gays still can’t serve openly? Obama, stop being a wuss. Stop kowtowing to the weaknesses of the prudes and bigots. Do something to show that the Nobel Peace Prize you just got wasn’t a complete joke. Revoke DODT through exutive order.

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