Starving Farmers of Water… For Nothing.

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Well, the results are in. The scientific opinions that recommended that the way to save the Delta Smelt was to shut off the water supply to the West San Joaquin Valley farmers…  Didn’t work. As farmers were forced to watch as their fields dried and went fallow,  shutting off the pumps that divert the water from the Delta to the San Luis Reservoir did nothing to help the endangered fish. It’s population continued to decline.


Now maybe the feds will look at the more obvious reason why the fish are dying – pollution in the Delta.  But that would mean that the folks in the state capital, the spineless liberal pseudo-environmentalist legislators who did nothing while farms were going dry and farm hands and ag related business were going bankrupt, might have to finally have to enforce some tough regulations on their constituents in the surrounding communities, instead of farming the pain out to those who didn’t vote for them.

PS. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my customers runs an agricultural spraying business, spraying crops with pesticides and fertilizers. Their business was down 75% this year. They will not survive next year if the feds shut off the water as they did this year.

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