Levi Hearts Jon, Jumps Shark!

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That’s infamous reality show whore Jon Gossling… sorry, it’s Gosselin. Hey, don’t watch the show. I hate reality shows. They’re stupid. Anyway, in the article, Levi says he identifies with him… really? Says he got GOOD parenting tips from him… Really???

“He was very positive and gave some good advice that I’m going to take,” Johnston said. “He told me kids are number one and do anything you can for them.”


And what the hell are the “Fleshbot Awards” anyway, and why is Levi speaking… Oh. That. Nice award kid, but were still waiting to see if you have a “career” ahead of you, if you catch my drift.

Man, Levi’s handlers have dropped the ball letting this come out. Me thinks the MSM’s lust for the affable Big L is going to be taking a cold shower. Like all flash-in-the-pans… or is that pants, I knew that the kids was going to sooner or later use up his alloted fifteen minutes of fame. It may just happen sooner than I though.

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