New York Times – The Paper Of FAIL

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So this morning the Sonic-Mate and I went to Starbucks to get a hot coco, and, as I usually do when there, I take a peak at the two newspapers they sell at the counter, the Fresno Bee and the “paper of record”, The New York Times.. The Bee’s front page, which is dedicated to featuring mostly local stories (a good move on their part to try and survive the current newspaper appocolyps IMO) featured as its main headline the Earthshaking event that is the stunning victory of Republican Scott Brown over the once semingly invincible Democrat Martha Coakley for the vacant Kennedy Senatorial seat. The NYT freatured a story on…. “Haiti Earthquake Relief Problems”, “If Your Kids Are Awake, The They’re Probably On-Line”, “Hidden Images Seen in Avatat”…… Hu-Wha????? Where is the most stunning story of the years so far??? Yes, there is a picture of people holding plackards for each candidate on the front page, but no indication of the results. As I was driving home from band practice at 8:30 PM here in Fresno, the radio talking heads were alreadyabout the victory, which means the election results were long known before the paper went to print. How can that story NOT be on the front page? Forget about controversial decision to put the NYT behind the “paywall” next year, it looks like the paper is already behind the information wall…. Either that, of they’ve already flat out stopped caring about the print edition of the aper, and are leaving it to die on the vine.

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