Norv Turner Is The Chargers New Head Coach…

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Here is his record as head coach in the NFL:

| Reg. Season | Playoffs |
| Year TM | W L T | W L |
| 1994 was | 3 13 0 | 0 0 |
| 1995 was | 6 10 0 | 0 0 |
| 1996 was | 9 7 0 | 0 0 |
| 1997 was | 8 7 1 | 0 0 |
| 1998 was | 6 10 0 | 0 0 |
| 1999 was | 10 6 0 | 1 1 |
| 2000 was | 7 6 0 | 0 0 |
| 2004 oak | 5 11 0 | 0 0 |
| 2005 oak | 4 12 0 | 0 0 |
| TOTALS | 58 82 1 | 1 1 |

58 wins vs 82 loses during eight seasons as a head coach. Nothing else needs to be said. 🙁

PS. Something else does need to be said.

The hiring of Norv Turner tells me my theory is correct – The Chargers ownership is more concerned with moving out of San Diego than they are with winning.

The last few years of winning was not what the Chargers front office had intended. You see, they are in a fight with San Diego to get a new stadium built. But they want San Diego to pay for it, which it can’t due to the citys decade long history of fiscal mismanagement. So the Chrargers will have to relocate to another city, probably LA, to get what they want.

Why is winning counter to the goal of getting a new stadium? Simple. It all has to do with skyboxes, i.e. party-rooms for the rich and famous (have nothing against the rich and famous, I would like to be one someday). In a new stadium, much of the profits are made from sales of the expnsive sky boxes, and less on general attendence. Old stadiums don’t have as many of the skyboxes, and the ones they have are not as lavish as those in newer stadiums. Thus the team playing in those stadiums relies on general ticket sales to make money. You might say: “Well, the Chargers have been a winner the last few years, so they should be making money and should be happy”. Ah, but here’s the rub. Skybox tickets are sold as season long passes, and are sold before the season begins. So a team playing in a new stadium, because they have many many more presold skyboxes, makes a lot more money than a team playing in an older staduim, reguardless of the quality placed on the field. And since the skyboxes sell well before the season begins, the profits role in even if the team turns out to have a crappy season. Why do you think the Arizona Cardinals still have the same owners for all these losing seasons. $$$$$$$$$$$. And in the eyes of the Chargers ownership, even though they have been winning and attendence is selling out, they are losing money because they could have made so much more money if they were playing in a new, modern facility.

The whole thing is tragic and funny. The family that owns the team, the Spanos’s, are the head of a huge construction firm, and could get the financing and build a stadium on the cheap.

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