Climategate – A Defense For The Lack Of MSM Coverage.

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OK, here it is. Someone let me know if this makes any sense:

Is the NYT ignoring “Climategate”? Part II
Posted By Blake Hounshell Tuesday, February 16, 2010 – 7:58 PM Share

Walter Russell Mead responds to yesterday’s post about the IPCC’s recent woes. And it seems we’re more on the same page than I thought. Mead’s bottom line:

Let me say this again one last time: the story here is that the movement to stop climate change is being swift-boated right before our eyes. And just as Senator Kerry and the journalistic establishment failed to see the importance of the swift boat attacks and develop a counter strategy early, so the Times along with the climate change establishment is, yet again, missing the boat on a major piece of news.

Bingo! And he’s right that the Times is missing that story.

So, the story isn’t the fraudulent use of exaggerated or made-up data, a-la the “fake-but-accurate” Rathergate debacle, or the use of non-peer reviewed reports, a violation of IPCC rules, included in the AR4 for the sole intent to scare governments into crippling their economies in the name of climate change.

And you wonder why the MSM is in so much trouble.

But it gets better:

One other note: U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern was asked today about the IPCC’s screwups over Himalayan glaciers. Here’s how he handled it:

QUESTION: Now my question about – India has distinctly announced that they will set up their own IPCC because they believe that the UN’s IPCC is not that realistic, that they are a bit confusing and it’s – they’re not reliable. What’s your opinion on that?

MR. STERN: Well, look. I think it’s a good thing for countries to have an active scientific effort. I don’t know what the details are. I don’t know what Minister Ramesh or others in India have in mind. But I think, obviously, the United States has all sorts of scientific work that we do through our various agencies of the U.S. Government. So I think that’s all a good thing.

I think the IPCC as an institution has made a very large contribution and I think it’s an important body that will continue and that is very representative of countries all over the world. So I don’t know what – I’m not familiar with the specifics of what India —

QUESTION: He was talking about – Minister Ramesh was talking about recent controversies about Himalayan glaciers.

MR. STERN: About what?

“The What”??????

That is the terrific way to handle this issue?

This is the guy who is on the government payroll. Ignorance is bliss I guess… But it doesn’t bode well if you’re the guy we are paying with our tax dollars to stay informed on all things climate. Then again, he’s just a lowly envoy, and not a Czar, so maybe I expect too much.

This sooooo feels like a “Nelson Moment”.

3 Comments to “Climategate – A Defense For The Lack Of MSM Coverage.”

  1. By SenatorMark4, February 22, 2010 @ 4:58 am

    yep…clearly a “Nelson Moment”. I don’t believe we’ll have to put up with their arrogance too much longer because they’ll finally have to live in the economy they’re been looking at through those rose colored glasses. What a smack that will be.

  2. By HANOI JOHN KERRY, February 22, 2010 @ 9:18 am

    Look for me doing a on CNN this week.

  • The Anchoress | A First Things Blog — February 22, 2010 @ 3:59 pm

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