Ooops, I Did It Again…. Again.

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You know how last summer I decided to finally become a guitard? That’s coming along nicely TVM, as in two weeks I’m going to play a song at an open mic all by my lonesome, just me and the guitar.

Well, that apparently jus011111111111…. Sorry, my dog decided to get into the conversation. Anyway, I decided that learning to play the guitar wasn’t enough…. and I just bought a drum set! It’s a red Pulse at the heart of it – toms, bass, and snare. I did have to buy some new hardware – high hat stand, cymbal stand, and as it turns out I had to replace the bass pedal. I had intended to do this cheaper, but I didn’t consider how much the hardware would be before I bought the drums on Craigslist for 90 smacks. Spent about 250 in all.

Though I bought the thing a couple of days ago, I have yet to put the thing together. I might have some time this afternoon before my gig tonight. I hope this experiment goes well.

PS. The song I will be performing is Tim Finn’s “Persuasion”, and the guitar it will be played on is a Taylor 614CE. What a fine guitar that is.

PPS. If you’ve noticed I haven’t typed too much about politics lately, it’s because I have resigned from the political scene. For some musicians, the music and politics go hand-in-hand. For me one distracts from the other, so, in the probably vain attempt to improve my musical skills politics must take a seat at the back of the bus.

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  1. By Tweed, April 9, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

    I’m done with politics, too. I’m still not gonna play an open mic, but I’ve got about 10 irons in the fire and I think that’s plenty of music time…

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