From The "Just Thought You Should Know" Dept, File # 78

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Have you ever wondered why a pigeon bobs its head when it walks? If the question keeps you up at night, sleep well, ’cause here’s the answer:

The pigeon has side mounted eyes unlike humans and owls which have forward facing eyes. As a pigeons have monocular vision rather than binocular vision they bob their heads for depth of perception. The pigeon’s eyes work much better with stationary images and therefore, as the pigeon takes a step forward the head is temporarily left behind. The next step jerks the head forward again and so on. This allows the bird to correctly orient itself.

Borrowed from: 21 A.F.Y.D.K.A.P.

PS. Yes, the time stamp is right; it is 3:52 in the morning. I awoke after a weird dream and couldn’t get back to sleep (something about hiding from bad people and getting stuck in a gutter in the process). So no, it wasn’t a vexing curiosity about pigies that keeps me from my slumber.

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  1. By Johnny, August 2, 2007 @ 2:54 pm

    Here’s another fun fact, if you hit a pigeon with a cricket bat it explode into a thousand M&Ms. Yeah, it’s true. I read that in National Geographic or something.

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