Melt My Icey Heart With A Warm Tropical Island Song…

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A group of Greenpeace activists lay naked on a Swiss glacier to “expose” the impact of climate change.

The photographer states his objectives:

“I want my images to go more than skin-deep. I want the viewers to feel the vulnerability of their existence and how it relates closely to the sensitivity of the world’s glaciers,”

The article does indicate that the organizers of the event were trying to be environmentally sensitive and green:

Volunteers for the Swiss photoshoot were asked to turn up by train and cable car, to avoid generating carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

Of coarse the article never says if they actually did take the train, but I’m nit-picking. Now don’t get me wrong, I love nakedness. However, I would like to point out that throwing a bunch of naked warm bodies on top of a “sensitive” glacier is surely going to make the glacial ice melt a little faster than before….


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