Liberal Gay = Classy…. Not So Much.

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Though I haven’t been following this much, and I’m not sure why anyone would, recently there was a fundraiser / auction to raise funds for Sarah Palin. The prize for the highest bidder? A dinner date with the ex-gov of Alaska. The woman who won the contest is a grandmother type, probably in her late 60’s, and, of course, conservative. Her bid was $63,500. That’s pricey, but hey, she got what she wanted – a dinner with Sarah Palin.

Now, I’m not one of the admirers of Mrs. Palin, but I’m still civil in my conversations and writings about her. The same can not be said of many on the left, especially the gay left. On the blog Towleroad, a popular forum concerning gay issues, they created a post featuring the winner of the auction. Lets just say it’s less than flattering. Here’s the entire line written for the post:

Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies paid $63,500 to have dinner with Sarah Palin, because she wants to get her to run for President. Let’s hope she succeeds!

I probably don’t have to hint the direction the comments go, do I? Here’s the opening comment:

There’s the future of the Republican party for ya: An old white lady from Alabama.

It’s all down hill from there:

i hope they both choke. and not in a good way. if that old lady can afford $63,500 for dinner, she better not be taking any socialist money for SS or Medicare.

Granny’s gonna have rug for dinner.

As I said, classy. It’s one thing to go after politicians, who more often than not deserve some ridicule. But a grandma who won a silly contest? And people wonder why it’s so easy for Rush and others to demonize gay activists.

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