File Under Birther Blunders – Celebrity Gossip Columnist Makes A Fool Of Himself.

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That would be Celebrity Gossip Columnist Mike Evans. Here’s the headline:

Friend Says Hawaii Gov Told Him There Is No Obama Birth Certificate: Daily Caller

Listen very carefully to the audio featured on the FOX blog. He says:

“Yesterday, talking to Neil’s office, Neil says that he searched everywhere using his powers as governor ….. there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii. Absolutely no proof at all that he was born in Hawaii.”

Mr Evans is talking about Hawaiian Governor Neil Ambercrombie searching everywhere at the two hospitals and he can’t find any other documentation.

Note To Evreyone – The birth certificate WILL NOT be at the hospital… It will be at the State Health Department! Note too that Evans DOES NOT specifically say that Ambercrombie says there is no birth certificate, says rather that there are no documents that he can find at the hospital. Again the birth cert won’t be at the hospital. That part is very very important. So, either Evan’s is jumping the gun and misinterpreting the comment, or he’s purposely stretching the true to get a scoop where none exists. Note too that Evans does not have any of this on his web site. I’m thinking he’ll be backtracking in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Oh Look!!!!! He’s backtracking!!!!! He misspoke!!!!!…

And, as I blogged before, remember that the former governor, who is on record (no backtracking) that she HAS seen and held the long form certificate, is a republican. It’s not just that she’s a Republican for it’s own sake. Given that at any time, during the 2008 campaign, especially after he won the nomination, I just can’t think of a reason why she would say she had seen it when she hadn’t. I mean, she could have tripped up his campaign to ensure that McCain won the Presidential election. And, if there is no cert, she would simply be being honest. It just makes no sense that she wouldn’t.

He didn’t speak with Ambercrombie!!!!!! He’s just filling in blanks with gossip spread by WND!


OK. Not to toot my own horn… But… Note that I typed the entirety of this post before I came across THIS! Quote:

“Only this I can you tell you is 100 percent fact: that Neil never told me there was no birth certificate,” Evans told Fox News. “I never talked to him.”


Evans says he first noticed the story on Jan. 18, when he was reading an online article with the headline, “Hawaii governor can’t find Obama birth certificate.” The article cites an interview with a former Honolulu elections clerk who says records of Obama’s birth could not be found at either Honolulu hospital.

“Halfway down the story it said the long form certificate was not on file at the two hospitals,” Evans said. “It says the hospitals say there’s no birth certificate and says Neil says he couldn’t find it.”

And just where do you think that headline appears????????

Hawaii governor can’t find Obama birth certificate
Suggests controversy could hurt president’s re-election chances

Posted: January 18, 2011
8:05 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

Score another one for me!

Note  –  Evans says he misspoke, and I changed a word in my post to reflect that. I take him at his word.

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