The Late Great State Of California – When The Levees Break!

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California…  Rain. Snow. Rain. Snow…  And more rain!

I was just looking at the weather for this week. This cold storm is going to drop more rain and snow. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the stats on these things, California is already above the precipitation totals for the year.

With that in mind, consider this. For the last two weeks, we’ve seen the media and Californians freaking out over highly improbable possibilities of any kind of melt-down of the two nuclear reactors here in the state. “”California Has Earthquakes!”…. Oh No!

Yet there IS a good probability that this very wet season will bring a disaster that no one is mentioning. Around the Sacramento area, in the northern part of the Great San Joaquin Valley, there is a levee system that was created to provide more living and farming space in the state. The total area encompassed by the levee system is over 1,100 square miles. As the melt season approaches, there is more water in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range stored in the form of snow than there has been in a very long time. When this melts off in April through July, the old levee system is going to be taxed like it hasn’t been in a very long time, and like everything else in California, this system has been poorly maintained. I for one am very concerned that many of the citizens of this state are going to pay for that negligence.

Here is a map of the delta region.


Here is the Wiki. With the exception of maybe Stockton, which sits on the outer edge of the delta, there are no huge population centers in danger. There are however many small communities that are spread out throughout the region. So while everyone is panicking over a disaster that is unlikely to happen, the momentum for the one that IS likely and will destroy many lives goes ignored.

Plus… Think of all the Delta Smelt that will die!!!!

OK. The last think is a somewhat private joke between us Californians! 🙂

Still, this spring may be the one where we pay for the complete lack of serious leadership in the state.

PS. Yes, now the Led Zeppelin song IS stuck in my head!

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