The Sad State Of California – California Doubles Down On Green Energy.

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They are mandating that renewable energy be 33% of all energy generated in CA by 2020. That is only a nine year window. Well, I wish I were wrong, but this type of strategy has not worked for any country that has tried it. No state or country has ever been able to install alternative energy without massive subsidies and great cost – something California can neither provide or afford. Say good-bye to any hope of substantial economic growth in California for the next nine years!

The good news is that state Democrats are all but guaranteeing a Republican resurgence by 2020… Oh, these are California republicans… Never Mind.

PS.  I hope I’m wrong, I really do. But alt energy requires huge amounts of subsidies and has never been shown to be a huge jobs provider. Plus, because energy form solar and wind is sporadic, you always need traditional sources to fall back on, something CA has long neglected to invest in. We could build a few more nuke plants, but after Japan, and the way people were freaking out about it here…..  Nope. I expect more rolling black-out are in our future.

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