Jerry Brown Breaks Out.

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Yesterday, I stated my reservations concerning a “green power” energy bill requiring the state of California to generate 33% of its energy output by 2020, a bill  that Jerry Brown is expected to sign. Now comes word that the Governor has abandoned budget talks with the recalcitrant Republicans, and is going to get things done his way…..


I’m not for higher taxes, and I’m skittish about the energy proposal.


Jerry Brown and the Democrats won the last election fair and square. They have the overwhelming majority and should be able implement the policies they envision as best for California. As Republicans so often remind us, states are the laboratories of the country. It’s there that we learn which policies work and which ones don’t. I may personally disagree with much that will come out of Sacramento in the next few years, but… so be it.

The Democrats have won the overwhelming majority, Republicans slid further into the minority. They’ve earned their shot at running the experiment their way, and that’s the way it is.

That said,  I wonder….  How many Republicans who were so willing to cheer on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his majority Republican legislature for asserting their majority power, are going to be the loudest voices whining that the California Democrats are acting like bullies or short-circuiting the democratic process?

The bitching begins in 3…  2…  1….

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