Here Is The Real Trump

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Anyone else sick of this guy?

I am.

If you really think he is your guy to challenge Obama in 2012, consider this. Donald Trump is only into this…  publicity stunt or whatever it is… for one reason… Donald Trump.

You should forget about the showman that he is, who you think he is, and consider who he is, and what he does to keep the Trump empire alive.  Here in Fresno, we had a little taste of the real Donald, not the silly exec who gleefully says “you’re fired’ on a silly reality show.

A Carmel developer was trying to build a PGA sanctioned golf course called Running Horse. OK, he wasn’t really trying to build it, he was just selling the over valued real estate – because there was going to be this PGA golf course, and spending all the investment money on himself. When the whole scam fell apart, the land fell into foreclosure.

And here comes Donald Trump!  He was sooo jazzed about the opportunity to own this golf course, SOOO excited, and how he LOVED Fresno… In several radio interviews, he claimed that he loved Fresno so much, was considering building a Grand Hotel here!

But there was a catch! All these dreamy things would come to pass only if we gave him the opportunity to screw some citizens.

You see, part of the deal Trump was trying to get, one of the stipulations he demanded, was that the Fresno government to use eminent domain in order to secure 50 acres of additional land not originally part of the proposed golf course. Here was “The Deal” Trump wanted. The city, NOT Donald Trump, would buy the land for what they claim was market value and then sell it to Trump for peanuts on the dollar.

OK. Raise your hand if you think the city would actually buy the property at market value. They are the ones who appraise the land in this sort of deal, and property appraisals under these conditions rarely meet independent appraisals in value. At the time –  this was late 2007, before the disastrous crash in property values – everything was over-valued. One stubborn guy who owned some of the property in question wanted $6 mil.

Are you going to tell me Trump, the art of the deal guy, couldn’t get this one guy to sell for $3 or $4 million? But he had already pulled this card in Los Angeles, so why not try it again. In fact, he has a long history of using eminent domain to bag a deal. There was never any indication Trump tried to make a deal. He just tried to finagle the city to take the property on the cheap so Trump could then also buy the property on the cheap.

Here is a video of “The Donald” at work.

Fresno has a long history of making bad, flawed and /or idiotic business deals with big developers (google Granite Park or Grizzley Stadium for examples) but thank goodness they avoided this one.

Now, does anyone else remember how upset Conservatives were about the Kelo v. New London Supreme Court decision? The Cato Institute filed an amicus brief on behalf of Susette Kelo. The Conservative paper The Washington Times proclaimed it “A win for big government“. Even Michelle Malkin is standing up and demanding that people take notice:

Don’t be fooled by The Donald. Take it from one who knows: I’m a South Jersey gal who was raised on the outskirts of Atlantic City in the looming shadow of Trump’s towers. All through my childhood, casino developers and government bureaucrats joined hands, raised taxes and made dazzling promises of urban renewal.

Then we wised up to the eminent-domain thievery championed by our hometown faux free-marketeers.

America, it’s time you wised up to Donald Trump’s property redistribution racket, too.

Too many mega-developers like Trump have achieved success by using and abusing the government’s ability to commandeer private property for purported “public use.”

Invoking the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause, real estate moguls, parking garage builders, mall developers and sports palace architects have colluded with elected officials to pull off legalized theft in the name of reducing “blight.”

Under eminent domain, the definition of “public purpose” has been stretched like Silly Putty to cover everything from roads and bridges to high-end retail stores, baseball stadiums and casinos.

While casting himself as America’s new constitutional savior, Trump has shown reckless disregard for fundamental private property rights. In the 1990s, he waged a notorious war on elderly homeowner Vera Coking, who owned a little home in Atlantic City that stood in the way of Trump’s manifest land development.

The real estate mogul was determined to expand his Trump Plaza and build a limo parking lot — Coking’s private property be damned. The nonprofit Institute for Justice, which successfully saved Coking’s home, explained the confiscatory scheme:

“Unlike most developers, Donald Trump doesn’t have to negotiate with a private owner when he wants to buy a piece of property, because a governmental agency — the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority or CRDA — will get it for him at a fraction of the market value, even if the current owner refuses to sell.


Like most statist promises of bountiful job creation, government-engineered redevelopment math rarely adds up. Trump’s corporations have backed casino industry bailouts and wealth-redistributing “tax-increment financing” schemes — the very kind of taxpayer-subsidized interventions we’ve seen on a grand scale under the Obama administration.

Club for Growth is also on the case. I know there is a great hunger for a real leader for Conservatives in the upcoming elections, but The Donald ain’t it, not by a long shot. Please don’t take this guy seriously.


PS. Speaking of Kelo v New London….  That didn’t turn out too well for the residents of New Londoners seeking those promised jobs…  After getting the sweetheart deal from the government, Pfizer bailed on the project.

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