San Francisco Held Hostage – Day 33!

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The Standoff Is Over – IT Adim Hands Over Password!

Terry Childs, the man holding the city of San Francisco hostage for 32 days, has kindly handed the city’s computer system super-secret password over to Mayor Gavin Newsom. In Person Even!  I must be getting cynical in my old age; I get the feeling this was all a staged stunt to help Newsom’s run for governor.

Childs’ lawyer, Erin Crane had this to say about the whole misunderstanding:

“Mr. Childs had good reason to be protective of the password…. His co-workers (stupid co-workers!) and supervisors had in the past maliciously damaged the system themselves, hindered his ability to maintain it … and shown complete indifference to maintaining it themselves.”

Maliciously damaged the system themselves? Is he accusing the city staff of purposefully screwing up their computers for the express reason of making his job harder?

“He (Mr. Childs) was the only person in that department capable of running that system.”

Yeah, because he SEALED EVERYONE ELSE OUT!!!

“There have been no established policies in place to even dictate who would be the appropriate person to hand over the password to.”

How about the trial judge….

Mr. Childs “intends to not only disprove those charges, but also expose the utter mismanagement, negligence and corruption at (the Technology Department) which, if left unchecked, will in fact place the city of San Francisco in danger…”

Utter mismanagement? Negligence? Corruption? In San Francisco??? Nahhhh! Do I detect a bit of a “Hero Complex” here? As I was reading this article, the voice in my head was screaming “I’m Batman!!!!”

You know, I almost buy the argument, but for the fact that keeping the password to himself and cutting of administrative access, causing non-functional government, is almost certainly more dangerous than a dysfunctional government, which is the status quoe. It’s what we have always dealt with in our every day lives.

PS. I retract my retraction. Childs DID have a prior criminal record.

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