Did the MSM get scooped again? UPDATE!

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 Or would that be “bumped”? As in “bumper sticker”?

Drudge is presenting evidence that Sen. Evan Bayh is Obama’s pick for VP. No, the evidence is not a stained blue dress (now THAT would be news!). The evidence comes in the form of bumper stickers. A plant that produces political bumper stickers (invented them, they say) has been caught printing “Obama / Bayh 08” stickers. Even though Mr. O has been tight lipped about the pick, this, if true, would be the perfect give away. Why?

In economics, there is a metric called a leading indicator, which gives the first signs of changing economic conditions. If, for example, you want to see if the economy is recovering,  you would look at companies that produce uniforms and janitorial services. If those companies are showing an increase in business, then that indicates that people are being hired and need uniforms, and workload is accelerating which needs janitors to keep the workplace clean. One metric involes positive employment trends, and the other indicates productivity is on the rise. Positive changes in these two metrics will usually show up in economic analysis much sooner than sustained positive employment rates and other measures of economic health will. That is why they’re called leading indicators.

The bumper sticker plant is, in this case, very much a leading political indicator. It was a stroke of brilliance to have someone snooping around there, and If this turns out to be true, the guy or gal who came up with the idea to stake out the bumper sticker plant should get a hefty bonus. And if, as MSNBC is reporting, it’s NOT Bayh, and the stickers turn out to be one of the greatest head-fakes in political history – lets face it, Obama has p-l-e-n-t-y of cash to waste on this kind of deception – then someone on Obama’s staff should get a VERY hefty raise, maybe go to Hawaii, go wind surfing, buy a house….

UPDATE:  It’s a head-fake! Good Job!!! The VP? Joseph Biden!!!All in all, not a bad choice.

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