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The Palins, titled “Another Palin Pregnancy”:

And in classic Palin fashion. Track’s bride looks more pregnant two months after her marriage than Sarah looked at allegedly eight months with Trig. But the family-for-abstinence keeps the show on the road. But when will Track join the crusade?

Really… That’s what you got? The one member of the family who has done his level best not to insert himself in the limelight, the one who seems to be doing things the right way… And then Sullivan links to this snarky Gawker tripe!

…The picture above of “Britta Pie,” which was posted on a Wasilla friend’s Facebook wall, confirms the news she’s expecting. Britta looks to be several months along—perhaps more than two months?

Britta’s friends responded to the Facebook pictures with elation. But given the timing of Britta’s pregnancy, the happy couple may want to tell Sarah Palin to shut up the next time she champions abstinence-only education or Bristol sermonizes against extramarital sex, lest the conception of another Palin grandchild and the rationale behind another well-publicized Palin marriage fall into question.

The Palins did not respond to our request for comment.

Gee, you wonder why? I’m not a Palin fan, but jeez, this is just ridiculous!

Next on the plate is this bit of fun:

My view is that Obama has essentially won the argument but not yet the fight…

Gee, now there’s a surprise!

But the GOP believe they can destroy the US and global economy and from the wreckage ensure Obama is not re-elected. That is their sole true guiding principle. They terrify me.

Now, you may absolutely disagree with the supposed solutions that the Grand Ol’ Party puts on the plate, that you think / know their offered solutions won’t work, but there is no evidence to support the charge they don’t believe that what they advocate wouldn’t work! Do you really think the believe no one would notice that, after they get their way, then the economy tanks, and no one would blame them???? They believe their policies are the best way to start a strong recovery in this wretched economy, just as Democrats believe theirs is the best. To say the GOP are PURPOSELY AND KNOWINGLY destroy the US and global economy, well, that’s just partisan hackery at its worst. I’m pretty sure this would win his Michael Moore Award if he considered give his own awards to himself.

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