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When do Conservative news outlets shy away from covering a news story? What if it’s a Marine, participating in something you don’t approve of????

The Conservative news circuit loves to note, sometimes rightfully so, that when a Democrat does something stupid or shameful, they are treated with kid gloves in the main stream media when compared to coverage of Republicans or Conservatives that get caught doing the same thing. Well, the shoe is on the other foot it appears. Some of the biggest media critics are as of this moment completely silent concerning the Marine who was severely wounded during the police crackdown on protesters at the Occupy Oakland protest.

Nothing to be seen on Drudge.

Nothing to be seen on Instapundit.

No mention of the injured Marine on either site.


At least FOX News is covering it. Nice lengthy coverage too! Headline:

Outrage Grows Over Marine Mistreatment

…at Oakland Airport?


Oh, here it is:

Marine Mistreatment at Oakland Airport Unacceptable

No… Crap. That is still the old story.

OK. OK. I found it. Sort of. It’s not FOX News, but a link from FOX Nation, which features video from the local Fox affiliate.

Note: If they have covered this as extensively as they did the Oakland Airport incident, I will update and modify this post accordingly.

PS. Just to be sure no one confuses me for a liberal, which has been happening quite a bit lately, I am on record also blasting the media for its biased coverage against Conservatives. But, I believe fair is fair, and Conservatives should be held to account for displaying the same biases in their coverage, or in this case, non-coverage of news events.

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