9/11 – Have We reached The Tipping Point?

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A wise man once wrote:

They say time heals all wounds
They stop bleeding
But never neatly
Not completely

OK, I wrote it, so never mind. These are the lyrics to a song I wrote a very long time ago, And though this was written long long before the events of 9/11, they now hold some meaning. I was surfing the web, noticing a lot of tributes, and noticed something interesting. This year it seems that a great many tributes I have seen are reprints of thought and rememberences from years past. Heck, I was going to do the same thing before I decided to write this.

I wonder, have we come to the point where the pain and sorrow that lingers from that sad day is so distant that we, without realizing it, are moving on? Perhaps it was a sign when Rudy Giuliani, the candidate who based his campaign on the 9/11 created image of “America’s Mayor”, failed to get his party’s nomination. That would not have happened four years ago if he were to run. Driving around today, I haven’t noticed very many flags hanging from houses. Have we, as Americans, forgotten the horrors of that day? I don’t think so. Even though we may still feel the pain of that horrific terrorist attack, maybe we are far enough away from the event that we, as a society are no longer overwhelmed by the event.

We have not been attacked since that day. That may show that Al Queda was not as strong or pervasive as we first thought. It may also show that, whether or not you agree with the actions of our government, their actions have at least slowed the progress and ability of terrorists to strike against us. It may be mostly the former, the latter, or a combination of both. But I believe it is time to reassess or actions and find out what works and what doesn’t. I am not suggesting that we drop our guard or give up the fight against terrorism. But maybe now, without the the emotional weight pressing down on us, we can take an honest look at the changes we have allowed our politicians to make concerning our rights, and the broadening of poweres of our government, and assess some of the choices we have made to try and keep our country safe.

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  1. By Citizen Deux, September 15, 2008 @ 2:27 pm

    It is possible that history will recall this as the period of the Shadow War. A conflict fought almost exclusively in the shadows. While the Cold War also included significant clandestine operations, they were the side battle – overwhelmed by nuclear tipped arrows awaiting their orders to fly from hidden launchers.

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