Grrrr! Cat Problems… Of Various Varieties!!!

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Well… Been a fun day. The car failed smog… miserably! And the dogs cornered a cat, who tried its best to turn my doggies faces into hamburger! But Elsa had it pinned down and that cat couldn’t do much. Man my dogs have tough muzzles!!!

When I was a kid, I had a dog that lost its eye to a cat, so I’m still kind of mad! But I’m also mad that it wasn’t the cat that keeps using out front yard bushes as a litter box!!! You guys got the wrong cat!!!!!

Now, on to the other cats…

The catalytic converters (called cats in the automotive world) on Murphy, the $500 87 Turbo Wagon, we’re both clogged and were just replaced. This problem reared it’s head this summer, and though I still drove it some, it was running so bad, I simply stopped driving it in October of last year. The reg was up anyway, and i put a non-op on it.

So here we are today. This last week I had both cats replaced. After driving it around a bit to warm it up, I took it to the smog test station…. Where it failed miserably!

Here are the results.

At idle:

RPM – 846 // CO2 – 10.3 // O2 – 0 // HC- 513 (MAX – 12O) // CO – 7.15. (MAX – 1)

High RPM

RPM – 2686 // CO2 – 12.8 // O2 – 0 // HC – 284 (MAX – 14O) // CO – 3.33. (MAX – 1)

When I got home, I checked for trouble codes…. None.

Checked the timing. At 20 BTDC w/ green terminals connected.

The Ox sensor was not quite tight. It wasn’t loose, but I was able to cinch it down maybe 1/4 of a turn.

At this point, I can’t see much else that is wrong with it. Now, I did run for a while with the clogged cats. It’s possible I may have damaged the OX sensor during that time(they are sometimes sensitive little buggers), and though I can’t recall exactly when I replace the cap, rotor, wires and plugs, it doesn’t seen like it was all that long ago – maybe a year or so.

PS. This spring / summer, when the cat problem started to rear its ugly head, I had thought about just ditching the car. Well, of course, I had recently put new tires on the thing, so I was already out a good chunk of money, so junking the thing was not an option. Plus…. For all the head-aches the EA82T can be…. I love that car!!!

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