The War On Guitar Center! Take 1

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One of my Facebook friends (one of the great drummers of my generation) was complaining about how kids today seem to get most of their music knowledge from Guitar Center… Musicians are required to HATE Guitar Center BTW. Guitar Center will destroy music and all thing good that could ever come from it! GC is destroying music!

Ah… But if you spend some time in high school class rooms, the picture is not all that gloomy. Remember when everyone was up in arms because “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” was going to destroy the desire to learn to play because now they didn’t need to – they could play through these silly games?

It turned out to be the opposite! When I was teaching, many of the kids who were learning to play started on GH and RB and decided they wanted to learn to really play the songs, on real instruments.

As far as rock knowledge goes… Yeah, they are lacking. But then, in some aspects, even though I’m a musician, I have my weak spots. Question me about rock in the late 50’s and early 60 to mid 60’s, and I’ll probably draw more blanks than answers, and some of those answers will be not correct. But, if we move to the 70’s and 80’s… I’ll shine! Because that is the music, the soundtrack that colored my life. The liner note for that period are naturally more interesting to me. A kid today will kick both of our arses on music knowledge of this current time period.

That said… What I hate… Is the damned Guitar Center Super Star! The guys that go in there, turn an amp up to 12, and just have to shred and shred and shred and shred and shred and shred, as if it’s some kind of contest to see who can be the most annoying. The local shop I go to will turn the amp down pretty quickly when that happens… Which is just one of the many reasons I love Sound Stage here in Fresno.

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