McCain HAS Lost His Head!

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George Will was on to something here, though I don’t think even he realised just how far around the bend the McCain campaign is going. McCain admitted economics is not his strong suit (though he didn’t say that verbatim and it’s taken out of context, you just knew this admission would come back to haunt him). So does it really make sense to halt your campaign to go back to Washington to deal with something for which you admit you are not an expert? And just what does McCain intend to do? Real financial experts Paulson and Bernake have had five days to work on this rotten smelling bailout, the congress has had a few days to get up to speed, and McCain will have maybe a day? Did I miss the publishing of the “Cliffnotes For Government Bailouts”?

PS. I am not a fan of this bailout. Congress does not have the best record dealing with Wall Street. SOX was supposed to fix things and obvious didn’t. And I am even less confident having McCain involved in this thing. I mean really, the McCain / Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill worked so well…   Then again, maybe McCain’s involvement will bring the same level of success he had with the immigration bill.

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