It's [ insert year ] All Over Again!

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Last week, since I was apparently at odds with those who watched the Presidential debate on TV when I concluded that McCain won the debate while listening to it on the radio, I wondered if it was 1960 all over again. Now, as the U.S. financial markets teeter on the brink of collapse (depending on who you ask), we find a familiar pattern emerging worldwide. Kirk Stephenson, a British financier, has committed suicide amid the continued credit crisis:

The death of the respected 47-year-old City figure evokes memories of the 1929 Wall Street crash in America…

OK. so it’s not a pattern, since this is the only one listed in the article. And never mind that CEO’s and regular folk, have been known to end it all over bad financials since time immemorial. Regardless, I guess I have to ask – Is it 1929 all over again?

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