Why We Don't Trust You, Pt 2 – or – Can We PLEASE Have New Leaders, The Old Ones SUCK!.

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File under – You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

(Continued from WWDTY, pt 1)

David Bernstien at Volokh has some words to say about brainiack Nancy Pelosi’s speech after the failure to pass the massive $700 billion financial bailout:

Speaker Pelosi’s speech before the House today was remarkable, but not in a good way. She was trying to round up votes for a bailout package that shes claims to believe is essential for the stability of the American economy. She can’t, and doesn’t want to, pass the bill without a substantial number of Republican votes. So what does she do? You would think she would say, “let’s pass this emergency measure now, in the best interests of the country, and talk about who is to blame later.” Instead, Pelosi began her speech with a highly partisan tirade against “Bush” and “Republican” economic policies, which were allegedly to blame for this situation. She focused on an attack on the growth of federal deficits, which clearly are at best tangential to the current crisis…

Hey, Genius! You’ve been in office for nearly two years and what have you done to shore up the deficits – cut spending programs? stop war funding? reduced earmarks? No. No. And No.

And the kicker here, she is bitching about Republicans for increasing the deficit, yet this bailout she wants sooooo badly will increase it by another $700 billion.

Jeez! And you wonder why they have such a low approval rating!

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