More In The Gay Patriot Wars. Looking More And More Animal Farmish Everyday.

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Jeff, also known as ILC, has firmly inserted himself into the spat between NDT and myself. That’s me commenting in the first paragraph:


And I do hope you’re not saying that Conservative are more equal under the law than non-conservatives, because, my libertarian friend, that would also sooner or later put you in the cross hair, and you would also be insinuating that Gay Patriot operates in the same fashion as Animal Farm, where all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others, which would, by your interpretation, also make you a candidate to be banned.

Here’s the part where it get’s interesting.

[Jeff adds: Apparently you have still not read my post on that subject. Please go do so, before you continue further.

Overall comments: Your one-sided recitation of the thread was unnecessary. Whatever NDT’s personal attacks on you have been, you have undoubtedly made personal attacks on him. *IF* a fair and consistent application of the rules were to lead to anybody being banned, sf (and again, that is NOT anything I favor; I’m only discussing what you keep bringing up) – to be truly fair the ban would have to include you. As for what I meant by trashing your hosts’ home and friends…First and foremost, the thread is trashed because you (like he) did not take the conflict to your blogs, where it would fit better. You’ve also trashed a conservative friend of Dan and Bruce. Again, regardless of whether that other guest has done likewise to you; I do not make observations here about your justifications or your reasons, but only of your behavior. Please note that I never accused you of trashing Bruce or Dan themselves; you have apparently misinterpreted what I wrote.]

Comment by Sonicfrog — June 23, 2013 @ 3:00 pm – June 23, 2013

To which I reply:


Jeff… I did read what you wrote, which includes this:

By analogy: if this blog is a home for gay conservatives, then non-conservatives should not invoke the consistency game from within the blog. They should do it on the outside: on their blog, in private e-mail, etc. At least if the analogy holds.

Thank you point this out… That you think the rules are different for conservative over non-conservatives. Conservatives, by your own admission, get a free pass. That is NOT in the rules laid out by Bruce and Dan.

As I myself am a guest, I do not proclaim any sort of rule here;

You suggestion is noted. However, as you also acknowledge, you are also a guest. But that’s not quite true. You are more than a guest. You do have some administrative powers, as you show here and in other threads.


I really hope this is not the case, but it sure does look like some animals are more equal than others. I do hope that Dan and Bruce don’t agree with that.

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