Liberals Boo’ing Pelosi????

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Has the bloom finally started to fall off the rose that has been the putrid part of the Democrat party???

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has disappointed some of her liberal base with her defense of the Obama administration’s classified surveillance of U.S. residents’ phone and Internet records.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that some of the activists attending the annual Netroots Nation political conference Saturday booed and interrupted the San Francisco Democrat when she commented on the surveillance programs carried out by the National Security Agency and revealed by a former contractor, Edward Snowden.

Oh… I’m licking my political chops!

The progressives are FINALLY starting to revolt against the liberal proponents of the surveillance state! Just a few years ago, the Republicans experienced a major purge of a lot of the old guard. Are we poised to see the same with the Democrats????? Could this finally lead to the ouster of Feinstein…. And Boxer????

Oh. I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

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