How To Respond To People With Different Views On Stuff… Dan… Bruce… Are You Listening???

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This is from the comments section of the Conservative “Human Events”, which highlights the New Yorker magazine featuring a cover strongly sugesting Seasame Streets Ernie and Bert are indeed gay:

West_Coast • 2 hours ago

The goal of the hom0sexual community and its ‘pushers’ are clear: Destroy the traditional family unit, destroy institutions that support it (i.e. churches, the BSA), indoctrinate the mush brain youth, so they can carry on the water of the ’cause’ for future generations, and elevate your ‘struggle’ to equal that of race.

(Oh, and cover up the lies and deceit of the lifestyle so that people don’t figure out how it destroys your dignity and self-worth)

Have i missed anything?

Here is my reply

Michael J Alexander West_Coast • 2 hours ago

“”Have i missed anything?””

Yes. You certainly have.

First – When I was lying to myself and others by pretending to be straight, I was destroying my dignity and self worth by perpetuating an untruth and hurting myself and others by not being honest. Being honest is something that the traditional values crowd is supposed to support, no? I’ve often heard people say “Well, gays can get married the same as straight, they just need to marry someone of the opposite sex”. You say you value traditional marriage so much, yet how do you square lying not only to myself, and the woman I would be marrying, but ultimately lying to God, as the marriage would ultimately a fraud.

Second – Being gay, and being able to marry ones same sex partner does nothing to interfere with traditional marriage at all. Do you lose privileges that are bestowed on you if you are in a traditional marriage???…


Does your traditional marriage cease to exist if you are in a traditional marriage???…


The only thing that expanding the marriage privilege to gays affects is you, and those like you. It’s the huge let down for yourselves that you no longer can dictate to society and rule from your self created pious throne of imagined superiority.

There. Filled in some of the blanks for you.

PS. I’m gay, and I think the New Yorker cover is stupid.

Note: In both responses, there are no ad-homs or obvious logical fallacies. We both get straight to the point.

Of course, you do have plenty of this:

Kramula • 25 minutes ago

Bert & Ernie couldn’t just be friends?? They had to be a couple of poo packers? For goodness sake, WHY?? What is wrong with these people?


Sam_Handwich • an hour ago

All the homosexual news this week will likely force Newt Gingrich to launch an adulterous affair with another good little catholic girl who can put her feet behind her ears.

And there is also some sensible comments to be found:

Todd Sargent • 2 hours ago

Please allow innocent childhood models of friendship to remain just that. If we reduce everything in life to sex, we have lost much of what it means to be human.

Now, compare that to the comment at gay Patriot, here, and here and here, and here, and here, and… Well you get the picture.

And you wonder why it saddens me so to see what has happened to that blog that I once enjoyed reading and sharing my thoughts on.

2 Comments to “How To Respond To People With Different Views On Stuff… Dan… Bruce… Are You Listening???”

  1. By Lori Heine, July 2, 2013 @ 5:40 am

    I think, unfortunately, that Gay Patriot is about done for. The steps Dan and Bruce are taking now, they should have taken years ago. The flying monkeys have taken control.

    There are many thoughtful blogs that permit polite and intelligent dissent. This is a good post, because it shows how this can be done. Thanks for performing a public service by saying what needs to be said.

  2. By Sonicfrog, July 2, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

    There was some nastiness here, but it was nowhere near to the level of what’s happened at GP.

    I haven’t been over to GP in a couple of days. I understand they are deleting a few comments, but last I checked serial personal insulters NDT and Jman are still there. The funny bit was that the “Smear Campaign” thread got up to 260 whatever comments, and when someone started directly challenging Jeff / ILC he shut the thread down! he’s done that to me before.

    Anyway, it does look like Bruce and Dan have made their choice. If they are happy what GP has become…. It’s their blog. I doubt I’ll post there as it pointless. I’ve have been more active at Volokh again. I’m also overdue at Talk Bass.

    We’ll talk soon.


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