My New Company Acoustic Frames… One Step Closer To Existence!!!!!

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So, I’m in the process of launching a new company call Acoustic Frames.

I’ve been building a few prototypes to see what works and what doesn’t. The first one I built a few weeks ago was not very good. This new one featured below is the second prototype. It turned out much better. There are still some design changes to be made, but we’re getting closer to a presentable product.

The final product won’t be white, as that shows dirty to easy. Also, this is not the final dimensions of the illustration area. It’s going to be longer. The image on their now is one of my old “Frogonit” Tee-Shirts, a project I started right after I graduated from college in 92, but never really pursued it once I got some shirts printed. I just lost interest in the whole idea. We didn’t have the internets back then, and I didn’t have anywhere to sell the tee-shirts but at swap meets. Many of the shirts ended up being gifted to friends.

Anyway.  Here is the second Acoustic Frame prototype. Hope to have another closer to what the final production model built tomorrow.



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