Haven’t Done Sports In A While… Sports… Tim Tebow Edition. And A Little YouTube Banter.

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First… Here’s Skip Bayless extolling the greatness that is Tim Tebow.

He hadn’t played a snap for the Patriots.

Second… Here’s Skip Bayless extolling the greatness that is Tim Tebow.

He had taken a snap.

And now that he’s played a few preseason games for the Pats?

Why does everyone rag on Tim Tebow???

Well. There is this.

Who was he supposed to be throwing to????

He was a little closer this time:

And this, mechanics? Here’s a breadown of why many are critical of his throwing motion.

Here’s an example of the bad motion in action.


Here is a video on good QB mechanics:

This guy sums it up nicely:

A commenter notes this is more than just a mechanics issue:

I’m not a steelers fan, but here’s why Tebow isn’t an effective? QB:

1. The long release on his motion forces him to either make a decision to throw too early or take too long to throw, making pressure more effective. AKA Byron Leftwich syndrome.

2. He misses reads. A lot.

3. On top of that, his accuracy isn’t amazing either.

All of those hurt, but #2 is murder. Using logical fallacies doesn’t change the fact that he’s very limited as a QB. Steelers just blew coverage lol.

THAT’S why no one has confidence in Tim Tebow as a starting quarterback. That and the fact that he threw for – 1 yards in his last game against the Buccaneers! Here is what one article said:

TEBOW STILL DOESN’T HAVE IT: Patriots third-string quarterback Tim Tebow had a bad throwing night, completing just one of seven passes. He would have gained more yards passing if they were all incomplete since the one that was caught resulted in a 1-yard loss.

And he overthrew a ball that was intercepted. But he did run six times for 30 yards, second-most for the Patriots. In his other game, he completed 4 of 12 passes for 55 yards.

And another:

All you need to know about Tim Tebow’s night is that he was one-of-seven passing for only negative one yards. Tebow also threw one absolutely terrible interception to nobody in particular. I have praised Tebow throughout camp — despite criticizing him his entire career — but tonight was Tebow at his worst. Even though Tebow was downright awful, I still don’t think a performance was like this is enough to get him cut because of his ability running the ball, where he tallied 30-yards on six rushing attempts. In every single way Ryan Mallett was better tonight, connecting on 12-of-20 passes for 137 yards and one touchdown. Mallett had a few passes that lacked touch but had some other very impressive attempts, including his 22-yard touchdown pass to Zach Sudfeld.

So… It certainly looks like its curtains for Tim Tebows quarterback career.

1 Comment to “Haven’t Done Sports In A While… Sports… Tim Tebow Edition. And A Little YouTube Banter.”

  1. By Pat, September 1, 2013 @ 6:48 pm

    I am one that was never impressed with Tim Tebow as a quarterback. He had what appeared to be a good year with Denver, taking them to the playoffs, and winning a playoff game. However, most of the games he won that year were fourth quarter comeback wins. I know that sounds impressive, but apparently many, including the Denver Broncos saw it differently. He was mediocre all those games, but it was the defense that kept them in the games. Any quarterback can do well against the “prevent” defense, where only receivers going deep are defended. Any decent coach wants to see their players play well the whole game, not just the last 5 or 10 minutes.

    So, despite Tebow supposedly have a good year, Denver lets him go at the end of the season. Yes, they got the opportunity to get a hall of famer, Peyton Manning, but that was a very risky move. He was out injured the previous year, and it looked like he may not be able to come back. But they thought that they were better off with a risky situation with Manning than keeping Tebow.

    Then the Jets (my team) picked him up. I thought it was a terrible move. But when Mark Sanchez was again showing that he was a terrible quarterback, I thought it might be worth it to see how Tebow could do. I was surprised that even when the Jets were eliminated from the playoffs, they still didn’t have Tebow start. Then it occurred to me that he simply didn’t earn a chance from practices, etc. And apparently, the New England Patriots agreed, with Tebow not even to make it as a third string quarterback.

    I’ve heard people say that a lot of criticism against Tebow is because of his religious beliefs and expression. I don’t think that made a difference with the Broncos, Jets, or Patriots. I certainly don’t care what his religious beliefs are. As for the “Tebowing,” I tend to ignore it, just like any other showboating from athletes.

    I know he still wishes to be an NFL quarterback. But even if he is picked up as a third stringer, he has to have two quarterbacks on his team get injured to have a chance to play. I wonder if he should try the CFL route, and try to improve his skills there, and maybe he’ll get noticed by an NFL team again.

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