YouTube Banter…. “Wankers”??????

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Today I discovered, not only does Paul Simon have a son, but he sings and plays and sounds a lot like his dad. That shouldn’t be a surprise… But, for someone, that’s a knock against this musician.

“Like Farther like son… too much of a copy sound-a-like for me… There is only one Paul Simon… There was only one John Lennon! I wish there kids would get a life of there own?

I love how these kids of legendary artist try wrighting songs about times of hardship and life’s struggles? it must have been such a tough life of private schools and living in wantless mega rich families, it must have been so hard. Just write about the lack of truffles you didn’t get the other day.. Wankers”


My reply?

“Songwriting isn’t often autobiographical. I confess I’ve written 3 songs about being a murderer, but I can’t confess to being a murderer (except the occasional ant squished under foot). Songwriting’s about telling stories. If he wasn’t Paul Simon’s son, and he wrote the same song, would you still judge as you do? I’ve written tons of songs that sound like my influences, which very much includes Paul Simon. One of Harpers influences happens to be that same guy, who happens to be his dad.”

.I mean, really? You’re going to hold the guys lineage against him??? Gods, How I would LOVED to have been around that household and have Paul Simon as a personal teacher! Of course hes going to sound like his dad! I’ve written a few songs that sound a bit like his dad! And do you think Bob Dylan experienced an Nth of the things he wrote and sang about????  No!  He didn’t have the advantagious upbringing that harper Simon did, but so what!

Are the songs good or not?

Can Mr. H Simon sing and play, and not need autotune as a crutch???

Yes… And Yes…  And Yes.


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