Mandela Wanted To “Kill The Whites!”….

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Um… No. He didn’t.

That’s the claim being made by many lunatics on the web… I love the Mandela is “The Che Guevara Of Africa” bit… Can’t leave out World Net Daily… They just have to get their digs in… And probably now former supporters of Ted Cruz. To a person, they cite a video showing Mandela and a Jew singing the “MK National Anthem” that they say says this very thing.

Is it true?

Here is the only source video I could find of him doing that. Now, I don’t speak but if you look closely at around the 35 second mark, you’ll see that no one is singing a word in the audio, but they sure are singing something, specifically a worded phrase, on the video.

So, in this case at least, the audio was spliced onto the video. The pictures of the before and after, where everything is destroyed after Mandelas rule… Who the hell knows if this is in South Africa or not.

UPDATE: Here is a better video:

Clearly it’s the same video. And as expected, the singing is quite different.

Now, as to WHAT is being sung. Again, I’m as clueless as the next average American on what they are singing. The source of the first video from Tru-Tube, judging from the “song” they spliced onto the video, is, to put it mildly, racist. The post originator “angry_white_guy” features this in the description of what is happening in the video:

Former leader of the ANC Youth League, Peter Mokaba, has been a major driving force behind the agitation among blacks against whites in South Africa, using songs that encouraged the murdering of whites. Mokaba, presently South Africa’s Environmental and Tourist Minister, was one of the most energetic song and dance leaders during the meetings held by the ANC prior to the elections in 1994 where slogans like “Kill the Farmer!” and “Kill the Boer!” were chanted openly:

“Hamba kahle mkhonto we Sizwe, Tihna Abantu bomkhonto Sizimisele Ukuwa bulala woma lamabunu”

—We members of Umkhonto are prepared to kill all the Boers.

“Khwela phezukwendlu Ubutshele umanishaya Ibhunu umama vyajabula”

—Get on the roof and tell them that when I hit the Boer, my mother becomes happy.

“Amabhunu ahlupha abazali Ekhaya bathi ziphi Izingane zabo Sizbashaya nge Nge bazooka”

—Whites and Boers are troubling our parents at home: we are going to hit them with our Ak-47’s and bazookas.

Though today he maintains that the songs were just a sort of “campfire songs”, these statements by Peter Mokaba made during a meeting with black students, published in The Johannesburg Star on the 25th of April in 1993, tell a different story:

—They are complaining that in our songs, in our chants, we have been saying “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer.” I repeat: “Kill the Boer, the Farmer, Kill the Boer, the Farmer. Shoot to kill—nyamazano” (Eng. the prey).

—Whether they like it or not, this is our chant. This is our song. This is our tradition. This is our culture, whether they like it or not …

This is our song. This is our tradition. This is our culture, whether they like it or not…

Gee…. Doesn’t that sound familiar.

The second video is offered from a blog that features some articles in English, some in what I presume is Afrikaans. The point of the site seems to be that all crime and bad things that happens against whites in South Africa, is, in fact, all Nelson Mandela’s fault.

Gee…. That sounds familiar.

Note: On the translation, a guy from South Africa says this:

the translation in this video is not really accurate. the song here in question is kill the ‘ama bhulu’= the boers=the afrikaners=the white supremacist government. so the translation is not entirely accurate. he’s not calling on genocide on whites but on ‘the death of afrikaner white supremacy apartheid’.

That certainly has a ring of truth to it. Certainly, Mandela’s actions, which are supposed to be much more important than words, especially words sung in a tribal / cultural song, do not support the claim that he’s a racist and wants a genocide to exterminate all whites.

One more thing about culture. Those who are going on about Mandela singing this cultural song… I wondr if you were upset about Trace Adkins wearing a Confederate earing and his response to the criticism?

As a proud American I object to oppression of any kindTo me, the battle flag represents remembrance of my Southern lineage [culture] — I am a descendant of Confederate soldiers who followed that flag into battle. I advocate for the preservation of America’s battlefields and honest conversation about our country’s history. To those who view the flag as a symbol of racism, that was not my message and I did not intend offense.”

Interesting which symbols of culture seem to offend some more than others.

(Note – that is a Huff-Po pol, so it’s accuracy can be questioned as far as the actual numbers go. But you will find more conservatives willing to defend the display of the Confederate flag, as was recently done “>at a Tea Party rally, than the display of the Rainbow flag)

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