The Week-end That Was… Random Thoughts

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This week-end was very busy. On Saturday, Acoustic Highway, my Fresno band, had an all day gig at Tachi Palace, an Indian Casino just outside Lemoore California. The occasion? The annual PT Cruiser Club Show. This Chrysler car has quite a devoted following, and many of the owners deck out the cars. Here are some of the Cruisers at the show:

Everyone in the band has Cruisers and are members of the club (I have Subaru’s, so I’m the odd man out). Joanne, our lead vocalist, has a Spiderman themed PT. She tells me she’s going to get a mural of Sipidey playing a guitar painted on the hood of her car.

More tidbits:

I graduated from Lemoore High many, many years ago. Even though my friends from those days have long moved away, it is always kinda fun to go back to the area. A few weeks ago I drove to Lemoore to repair a spa. While there, I took pictures of a familiar sight I used to see across the street from my house.

Back to Saturday. I ate lunch in the casino. If you’ve been to a few you will find that, on the whole, the food served is usually pretty good. This was one of those occasions. I had one of the best tuna melts I can remember. The problem with most tuna melts is that they are too goopey (a problem with most American foods – hello Carls Jr.). This one stayed together through the whole meal, and I’m a slow eater.

One of the things I hate about the slot machines in Indian gaming centers is that, besides the fact they give you coupons instead of coins when you win (lame), the machine are complicated and poorly labeled. A normal Vegas slot machine has three wheels that spin, and if things line up the right way in the center of the dial, you win. They have those in most casinos, but they have other machines too, video slots, and I don’t like them. Sure, for those on a budget, they do have 2 and 5 cent machines, but you are given the irrisistible choice of playing on more than one line. Some of these machines have twenty lines, which, you would think, would give you more chances to win. Here’s the catch; in order to play those lines, you have to spend more money. And the instructions are just too lengthly and poorly written….

Yes, I’m mad at these machine because I lost money playing them. I put ten dollars in a 2 cent machine, bet a few lines, OK, more than a few, and lost that money in Three rolls. Well I didn’t think I was betting as much as I was.  How come my mom can play these things and win four hundred plus dollars, but I can’t last three minutes. Did I mention I hate those machines? OK, I was pissed but figured I would have better luck on a video poker machine. i usually do well on these type of machines. Being frugal I went to a 5&162; video poker machine, put in another 10’er. After my second hand i was going to play a few more… WTF. The machine is telling me I’m out of credits. How Can That Be????!!!!

Well, if there is one lesson should learn is not to gamble when I’m pissed. If I would have been paying attention, I would have noticed the machine was not a 5&162; machine, but a 5$ one.

After that I played a couple of dollars one of the 25&162; poker machines, lost that, then left.

There is a reason I don’t gamble much – I like gambling, sometimes it can be fun. But I HATE losing. That’s why I don’t gamble much!!!!

When I got home at around 7PM, Greg’s sister, who is visiting from Auburn, had our evening all planned out. We tried to back out due to budget issues (all discretionary cash was spent on a $460 vet bill to treat Judy’s hip dysplasia), but she pouted and we went out anyway. First we went to the new Cabo Wabo restaurant. Yes, we have one of those here in Fresno – it just opened. It’s pretty cool. Sammy’s going to play on Wednesday night, for free even. I’m skipping it since I won’t have time to wait in line all day to get in (I’ll explain in a few). Anyway, the beers there are ‘spensive! We each had one, then his sister made us go to The Japanese Kitchen, a teppanyaki restaurant. The food was very good, but also ‘spensive. She wanted us to go to another bar to see a friend of her husband, who was playing in the featured band, but, being out of money, we declined.


Cleaned house, watched a little football, then went into the garage to pull the transmission out of the 84 Tercel. I bought the car last year, with the intent of fixing it and selling it for a profit. Well, I’ve had it for about a year, and haven’t had the time to work on it. And when I have had the time, I haven’t had the heart. This car is much harder to work on than the Subaru’s I favor. I decided that I’m either going to work on the car and get it fixed, or just sell it to the junk yard. It took longer than I thought it would, but I almost have the tranny out now. In fact, it should be out. I was trying to separate it from the engine on Sunday, but it’s not budging. I must have missed a bolt or something somewhere. If I don’t get it apart by the end of this week, the car goes to the junk yard.

So, that’s how I spent my week-end.

PS. Though I had a very good time at the Saturday gig, I was none the less a bit sad. Every year, for the last three years, I have played a Halloween gig with my San Diego band, RareForm. This year the PT Cruiser gig ended up on the same day, and it was booked in the spring, long before the date was set for the San Diego Barn Bash. My San Diego band played the gig with a different bass player, and will use him again in a few weeks, when they play yet another show that falls on the same day as a show here in Fresno. I really love playing with those guys, and they are my friends, but my local band takes priority. Plus I can’t afford the gasoline to travel down to SoCal. It’s actually kind of amazing that, after ten years of being in the San Diego band and being in local bands here in Fresno, I haven’t had this kind of scheduling conflict when booking gigs.

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