The Impeachment Of Trump And The Power Of The Purse.

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Many in Conservative circles have been dismissing the impeachment investigations as invalid because, in their view, it’s based solely on “a few words in a phone call”. This call of unjust political action taken by the Democrats in the House does not hold up to scrutiny for several reasons:

First: That phone call is not the exclusive reason Pelosi finally pulled the trigger on impeachment, that just one of many justifications for the action.

Second: If we focus on just that phone call, pressuring a foreign government to investigate his political rival SHOULD be enough to start impeachment hearings. Note that the Biden story has been public knowledge since the end of 2015.

Third: Biden was VP at the time his actions concerning Ukraine were taken, the Congress knew about this before we in the public learned of it. Yet, that Republican controlled Congress took no action at all to investigate the Bidens. They had the power to investigate and impeach Biden if indeed they found he had committed a crime or used the power of the executive branch to protect his son. When Trump entered office, his justice department also took no action.

So why now?????

If the DoJ determines Biden may have broken the law THEY are the ones who should be investigating.
Why try to slyly farm it off to a foreign government… Unless you know the case is weak, and this would provide you cover… “What??? We’re not the ones investigating.”.

Fourth: As noted before, the trump administration withheld funds / aid that was earmarked by Congress to go to the Ukraine to help them fight corruption. There were conditions set that required Pentagon approval before the money was to be transferred. Pentagon had cleared the transfer of funds in April. Trump administration none-the-less withheld the funds until after the phone call. As Ilya Somin explains at the Volokh Conspiracy, this may already be enough to justify impeachment.

Trump, Ukraine, and Congress’s Power of the Purse

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