Sweden… The Great Example Of How To Handle Covid 19… Or Are They?

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Sweden… The Great Example Of How To Handle Covid 19… Or are they?

People have recently started to notice that Sweden has been able to avert “disaster” without resorting to “lockdown” measures. A couple of things to note about Sweden vs the US and other countries. First, Sweden’s healthcare system is top notch, and nationalized. They were quicker to gear up faster than other countries, especially the US, once Covid was identified as a problem. Due to its centralized healthcare system, they were able to develop a much more broad testing capacity and were able to find enough people who were carriers early on and isolate them before they were able to spread Covid to too many people.

They are doing well. But their neighbors Finland and Norway, countries that took stricter measures, have a much lower death rate per capita of Covid than Sweden.

As of April 26, Sweden’s Covid death count is 215 per million.

Finland is 33.5
Norway is 35.6

Note: Sweden has a higher death rate right now than the US. We are at 160.69 deaths per million. California looks to be about 40 per.

The bigger picture? We are only barely even a month into Covid being a truly worldwide pandemic. The stats at this point are more like the snap-shot memories of a three year old human than that of an adult. We need more time to really know how Covid infections trend in societies and nations. The availability of widespread testing for both infection and antibodies is key to filling in the blanks. A LOT of things will happen in the next nine months.

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  1. By Vince, May 18, 2020 @ 2:41 pm

    HI Mike!

    Good post. It’s too bad, the U.S. President has been such a poor example. Fingers crossed he gets his rear booted out this November.


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