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As Mark Twain never said, but should have:

“History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme a lot”.

When people think of Adolf Hitler in the court room, the usually go to the Beer Hall Putsch trial, where Hitler tried to incite an insurrection against the government, It failed and he got convicted of high treason, but gotta lenient sentence. Hitler famously wrote Mein Kempf while serving his sentence. There is a second trial many are not as familiar with. Two workers in Berlin were stabbed by four Nazi party SA officers – the SA would later evolve into the SS – and during their trial, the prosecution called Hitler to the stand to try and establish the intent of the attack, to eliminate enemies of the growing Nazi movement. In the years after Hitler had been released from prison, he had built the Nazi party into a viable political force. He did so by trying to put a moderate veneer on the darker philosophy and goals of the party. During this new trial, in an effort to show that the four men did not simply just get in a fight with the two victims, but had motive, the the prosecution called Hitler to the stand. The young Jewish lawyer Hans Achim Litten soon enough got Hitler to anger on the witness stand, and expose the true intentions of the SA. Though Hitler did not incriminate himself directly, he did say more than enough to land convictions on the defendants.

I write this because today the Trump business fraud trial starts, and all indications point to Trump taking the stand at some point in his defense.

Now is the part where I have to state the obvious:

Donald Trump is NOT Adolf Hitler. Hitler was smarter, and that’s about the only time I can say anything nice about him. But their temperament is the same, as is their desire for political destruction, chaos, and lust for power at all costs. As with Hitler in 1931, Trump will not be able to contain himself and, unlike Hitler, will likely incriminate himself and expose who he really is.

Of course, for the MAGA cult members, it won’t matter.

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