Political Energy Pt 1

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Political campaigns have NEVER been about truthfulness.


It’s about energy. Trump has it. Biden does not.

Biden has done a respectable job bringing the country our of the Covid recession. But that’s not enough. The red flag has been waiving for a year, and many have tried to ignore it, hoping it would majically disappear.

It hasn’t.

All my life, there has been talk of a brokered convention, where the party chooses someone other than the candidate who won the primaries. It was a pipe-dream for challengers who were interesting, but never made enough of a mark to gain any momentum to make it happen. The problem now is that the Democrats were so successful at keeping everyone in line and not challenging Biden, that at this point in tim, there is no one to challenge Biden and take his place.

I wonder if Stacy Abrahm’s phone is ringing off the hook.

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