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I’m Doing This Today….

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Plus, going to see a movie… Oh, and play me some drums.

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Awesome… Just Awesome!!!!

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The Tiger Woods condom statue will unite the world!

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Nate Kaeding VS Suicide…. And He Misses Again!

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This is probably the only thing I’m going to post on the Chargers loss to the Jets yesterday. As a head coach, it seems Norv Turner can’t coach in the play-offs any better than Marty Schottenheimer could. Is it time to fire NT too? Why not? The whole season, your passing attack was the bread […]

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This is a test post

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to restore my catagories.

What I Did Today

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A Saturday morning bike ride on a dirt trail that wind around Milerton Lake, with friend Pat and the Sonic-Mate! This link gives the details, including high and low points, and pictures taken on Greg’s Nokia cell phone. Me and Patric, trying to imitate a pose from a Christian album cover.

Sunday June 14th, 2009 in Sports And Leisure | No Comments »

Breaking News… And It's Not Politics!

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It’s Sports! Even though I will have another political post out today, this seems more important for some reason. John Madden has announced he is retiring from broadcasting. Yes, that’s right. No more mutant turkeys presented during the Cowboy’s Thanksgiving day football games…. unless you count the play of Dallas quarterback Tony Romo! Breaking sports […]

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Why Is There No Coverage Of This On MSNBC?

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Here is a map of all the Tea Parties going on today. As of 6:53 AM, there is not one mention of it on the MSNBC portal. View 2009 Tea Parties in a larger map Now there is mention, if only brief. And the two paragraphs are about the partisans who hijacked the protest movement […]

Fresno In The News

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Signs of the times – Hoovervilles, coming to a town near you! Here’s the picture they used in the New York Times article. An encampment of tents under an overpass in Fresno. Of all the cities in the US, why feature Fresno? There are certainly other cities that have bigger Hoovervilles than us. Given that […]

…And In The "Shut Up And Do Your F'ing Job" Department!!!! UPDATE.

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Tim Geithner, the tax dodging Secretary of Treasury, insulting and taxing business, blaming them for something that is maybe going to affect us a century down the road, instead of coming up with a viable plan to incentivize business which might just help us through the most alarming economic crisis we’ve seen in a century… […]

Family Safe! But NSFW!!!

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“535 Christmas Songs! 1.9 Gigs? Mainly Classic Songs, Family Safe.” I came across this while looking for my favorite childhood Christmas album, Harry Simeone’s original 1963 recording of “The Little Drummer Boy”. Be careful when you’re searching for Christmas music. The music may be family safe, but the search…  well, er, let’s just say this […]

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