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Vinyl or Digital….

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    Ah… The eternal question. OK. Not eternal. But something that some people get very passionate about.   Let’s start with a little history from my perspective. I grew up with vinyl. We did have cassette decks in the house, and 8 tracks and cassettes in the car, but for a quality listening experience, […]

Filed in the “Good Things Happen” Department… Part 27.

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I have no idea if this is the 27th time I’ve written  a “”Good Things Happen” post. I’ve written a few. The number just popped in my head, and I ran with it. This is going to be a fun music-filled weekend. Tonight, my band Laurel Canyon is playing its first two hour show ever […]

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Sea Of Sound – Criavia. The Album Review.

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Well, I haven’t done an album review in a very long time, so I’m overdue. And since I haven’t recorded anything in a year, but these guys have, I figure this is as good a place to resume the act of trying to be a music critic. Criavia is the self produced debut album by […]

For Sale – M-Audio Firewire 410

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On-board ASIO 2 compliant mixer and software control panel provide total routing flexibility — including monitoring with external effects Ultra-low latency software monitoring and zero-latency hardware direct monitoring Two headphone outs with independent level controls Can be completely bus-powered for totally mobile operation 2-In / 8-Out 24-bit analog I/O The Firewire 410 is a great […]

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The Mystery Of EQing… Explained! (presented?)

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Through all our lives, we, as both general consumers and musicians, have been using and adjusting an EQ on one gadget or another. It seems like such an easy concept – you turn the treble down, yuo turn the bass up…. OK – Most normal people do that… But I’m a bass player! I’m not […]

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Here is a wonderful write-up on the art of using compression in audio mixing. As I record my solo project, I’ll post useful stuff like this as I come across it.

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Name It!

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OK. This is my little studio, such as it is, where most of my little solo album thingy is being recorded. But, I just realized, all studio’s are named! The Beatles had Abbey Road…. Elvis used Sun Studios… Hendrix, the Record Plant Genesis recorded at Hit and Run… My studio doesn’t have a name…. What […]

How Does This Sound?

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All who know me know that I love to muck around with audio, remixing and fine tuning stuff… Sonicfrog and all that… Duh!!!! Here is and example of a recent recording we did at Pete Wolf’s studio. The song, California Blue, sounds good in original form. But, me, being me, decided to see what I […]

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