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The Sinking Of The Edmund Fitzgerald – 35 Year Ago Today.

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Here are more┬ámeteorological┬ádetails than you ever thought you’d know about this tragedy . Like many of my generation, I only know of the story through the lyrics of the Gordon Lightfoot song about the ship. As a kid, I remember listening to the song, and thinking that the Edmund Fitz must have been a real […]

My First Time… Changing A Head Gasket

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I was reading this thread about a mechanic who accidentally switched the left and right heads on an EA 82 Subaru engine, and started to wonder what my worst repair blunder might have been. Most of us back yard mechanics have installed distributor 180 deg off, screwed up on the timing belts at least once, […]

Monday January 25th, 2010 in Car Stuff, Tribute To My Father | 4 Comments »

This is a test post

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to restore my catagories.

A Memory For My Dad.

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When my father passed away two years ago, his ashes were interned at Fort Rosecrans Memorial Cemetery. After the ceremony, we gathered at my little brother’s house in Carlsbad. There we enjoyed food and drink, and as is expected when the Alexander family gathers in large numbers, we broke out in song. Here we are […]

Saturday November 29th, 2008 in Tribute To My Father | No Comments »

Dan Fogelberg (1951 – 2007)

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Here is his website announcement. In 1981, he released “Leader of the Band”, a tribute to his father, a band conductor in his day, and great influence on the son. The song is one of the better tribute song out there (another being “The Living Years” by Mike Rutherford). I had written a tribute song […]

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Sept. 8, 1930

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Today is my dad’s birthday. Close to a year after his passing, I still think of him a lot; wondering what he might have thought about this or that news story, if he thinks the Padres will make it to the World Series, or reflecting on questions about his life that I never thought to […]

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Crossing The Line.

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In honor of a friend who just lost his mother, I want to share his blog post describing the lovely woman. She seems like a woman we all could love and admire, and would love to have had as a mom. I empathise with him, since I recently lost my father. It’s always hard to […]

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My Dad and the Red Guitar

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Anyone who knows my family knows how much music has been intertwined into our little corner of the social quilt. Back in the ancient period classified as the 1970’s BCD (Before Compact Disks), the siblings and I would sit around the table listening to our favorite LP’s, singing and harmonize along with our favorite artists: […]

Tuesday December 26th, 2006 in Tribute To My Father | 2 Comments »

My Father

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It just dawned on me on an emotional level – my dad, before he slid into his final decline, asked if Greg, my partner, was coming to visit. My Dad accepted Greg as part of the family and wanted to see him before he passed away. Yes. I am crying. I love you dad.

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My Dad — The Teacher Toy

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Read the post titled “In Memeory Of…” before reading this. OK. Proceed! I don’t recall the exact year, but in the early 70’s dad built a device that could have replaced the “Speak and Spell”. About the size of a bread box, the “Teacher Toy” was made from a gutted reel-to-reel tape recorder. You would […]

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