The "Audacity Of Hope" Gets A Smack In The Face.

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Remember your first “true love”? You know, the one where it seemed like it was really, really going to work out this time, until you found out the object of your esteem was not quite so perfect after all, lied about something very important, you break up, THEN you look back and see all the other little tell tale signs that you would have seen if you hadn’t been so ga-ga over the “soul mate”? Well, I really, really like Obama. I admit it – I’m mesmerized! He is sooo smooth! And when I say smooth, I mean that in a good, non-political way. He is the first national politician in a long time who comes off as smooth and sincere and human (better than Reagan at his best), and not smooth and calculating and political (I think we all know who we’re talking about here). He just has that something that, when he gives a victory speech (such as the one after the wonderful South Carolina landslide), even though you can see how it is staged, you feel as if he really really appreciates his success and his supporters. I know I don’t agree with a good chunk of his policy views. I know the things I like about him most is superficial. I don’t care. Let me have my indulgence.

That said, this, and this bit of info is a bit of a needed slap in the face, a little jolt back to reality. Rezko may be the one obstacle that Obama, as smooth and gosh darn likable as he is, will have a hard time dealing with in the next few months. Obama really needs to get out in front of this and make sure all the dealings with this guy are out in the open; that every bit of money connected in any way to this guy is divested from his campaign; that every transaction ever made with this guy, or anyone else of his seedy caliber, is as clear as a pain of glass. Now, if Hillary was as smart as some would like us to believe, she would lay of the attacks concerning this issue, especially considering her husbands own history of campaign finance shenanigans. But we know she won’t. She can’t. They can’t. This is just too juicy politically to ignore, and doing so would go against their nature. And it’s a mute issue, since she already, unsuccessfully, tried to use this to damage Obama. Maybe, knowing this info is out there, knowing how damaging it could be, this is the reason John Edwards still hangs in, despite his loss in his home state. The Rezko factor may yet give Edwards his own version of the “Audacity of Hope”.

Breaking News – Progress Made In Hollywood Writers Strike!!!

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Hat Tip: Digg.

It Isn't History That Sucks…

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It’s the Politicians who are making it that do. An excellent post from Greg.

A "What's Wrong With America" Two-Fer.

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A. The fact that, if you are a masseuse, not having a license is a felony, and

B.  The fact that it is somehow a concern of the New York Education Department, who notified the NYPD about Diane Lee Wolozin’s lack of license.

Monitoring The Bird Vote.

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Here. Most in the Psittacine family would have to vote for Romney. The African Grays especially can appreciate his ability to learn new words and phrases to please his owners.

Addicted To Happy Music, First Official Installment.

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For Cliff, Paul, Dan’l, Mike and of coarse – Me!

I Walk Away” – A song written by Neil Finn. I knew the song from the first Crowded House album, and only last year found that Neil had recorded the song a few years before while still playing with Split Enz.


[youtube 6cvZOGzfqWU]

Oh, hell, here’s one more! This is one of my all time faves to play with my San Diego band RareForm.

[youtube B7UGuyCLGCE]

And yet one more, a rare one. Dig Tim’s Pants!

[youtube h7y4nXHOdro]

He Just Made Me Laugh So Hard, Milk Came Out My Nose!!!

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Tom Delay just said this about John McCain on Brit Hume’s show:

John McCain has done more to undermine the Republican leadership in Congress and the Republican party than any one I know…

Tom Delay, Tom Delay… That name rings a bell. Oh Yeah, now I remember! Isn’t he the disgraced former Republican House Majority Leader who is currently facing charges of money laundering and conspiracy to engage in money laundering, and who, under his leadership, brought a 850% increase in earmarks? Me thinks Tom Delay may need to have a looksie in the mirror before he talks about someone undermining the Republican party.

PS. The fact that Mr. Earmarks hates McCain make me like him even more. Plus, during that same report, anti-earmark Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn endorsed John McCain. One of the marks against McCain is that he voted against the Bush tax cuts of 01 and 03. Coburn says McCain voted against them because both packages also included tons of extra spending. Club for Growth’s evaluation doesn’t mention this reason for voting against the tax cuts, noting instead that McCain dissed the cuts as give-aways to the wealthy (note that hey do commend McCain for his fiscal frugality). Between the two, I trust Coburn more. He has less of an agenda than CFG.

PPS. I have heard him interviewed on Hannity’s show, and I’m pretty sure he was interviewed on Rush’s too. Someone please explain to me, giving he’s still under indictment, why for some conservative talking heads consider Tom Delay a good interview.

You Just Know He Wants To….

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The best humor always has a kernel of truth in it, doesn’t it?

Who Will Win?

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Andrew Sullivan writes:

I’m really chuffed about McCain. But his squeaker in South Carolina makes it both more likely that he will be the nominee and less likely that he will unite the GOP enthusiastically behind him. He may have to put Huckabee on the ticket at this rate, which will make him uncomfortable and the economic right apoplectic. A very narrow and divisive McCain victory wouldn’t be as bad for the GOP as a narrow and divisive Romney victory, but it’s not great news either.

Similarly, the longer the Democratic race goes on, the likelier it appears that Clinton could well win the nomination in a way almost designed to maximally divide and demoralize her own party – and raise her own national negatives to stratospheric levels. It would mean a Clinton candidacy in the fall that had actively alienated independents and repelled Republicans, while undermining a key source of Democratic support – African-Americans.

He then asks:

If both parties commit slow suicide, does either win in the end?

My answer would be that both sides lose. But, if the carnage of this election finally forces us to open our eyes and face the corruption of the process by both political and religious xenophobes, that loss may be, in the end, a victory for the American people.

Campaign Trail Of Tears, Pt. Two?

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The almost teary-eyed, you tube-ready, unbosoming of the stresses and frustrations endured by a certain candidate running for president, recently helped her snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and win the New Hampshire primary. If success breeds success, will this bit of anguish be the next installment in the strategy of sob?