Happy 17th Blogaversary!!!

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Yes. It was 17 years ago that I started the Sonicfrog blog.

Seventeen Freaking Years!!!!

In the last six years I haven’t done much here. Social media / Facebook is to blame. It’s just so easy to post there. The downside is – Good luck finding something important you posted four years ago. There is so much I wrote during the insane Trump years I’d like to return to to see if it’s still relevant.

Again. Good luck with that.

I’m planning on doing more here in the future. I need to get into the code and get media links to function better, and other tweaks. Meanwhile, here’s a random bit of history I’m posting just because:

On this day in 1923:

The Rosewood Massacre began when racial violence erupted in Rosewood, Florida after a white woman accused a black man of assaulting her.[1] When it was discovered that a black convict, Jesse Hunter, had escaped from a prison work gang, a posse of at least 200 white men from the neighboring white town of Sumner invaded Rosewood and made a house-to-house search for anyone who might be harboring the fugitive. By January 4, houses in Rosewood were being set afire, and four black and two white men had died.

On a lighter note:

In the Rose Bowl football game, the USC Trojans beat the Penn State Nittany Lions, 14 to 3. The game was the first to be played in the new Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California and was attended by 53,000 people.