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Good Things Happen…. My First Gig As A Solo Artist!

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You know how sometimes you go a fight, and a hockey game breaks out? Well, yesterday, I went to an Earthquake zone, and a solo gig broke out! Here’s the background. The Mate and a couple of friends went mountain biking yesterday. Their destination? A personal favorite, Parkfield, the self styled Earthquake Capital of the […]

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News Critique – In The “I Must Have Missed It” Dept

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How the press are like insects! The year – 2011 – The press to Republicans trying to force through their agenda: “YOU SHOULD HAVE QUIT WHILE YOU WERE AHEAD YOU IDIOTS!!!” The years – 2009 and 2010 – The press to Democrats trying to force through their agenda: PS. I was going to compare the […]

Because I Just Can’t Help Myself

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Before the blog… Before Mead…. Before teaching law… Ann Althouse was making music videos! OK, I’m just kidding. That isn’t Ann Althouse. But this song was featured in last weeks Simpsons. It’s an awesome song. Enjoy. Oh, and…

Friday April 30th, 2010 in Bugs / Road Trip, Music / Video | 2 Comments »

Sand Castles And Stuff @ Shell Beach

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Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip to Shell Beach.

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It’s A Bug… You Know What That Means. Road Trip!

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Eew. It’s a HUGE bug, a Goliath Beetle. The road trip isn’t nearly as large…. or gross. We’re going to Auburn to visit Greg’s sister and brother, their spouses, and celebrate the New Year. New Years Day, we may head up to Tahoe to play in the snow. Hope everyone else has a good New […]

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The Insect Picture Can Only Mean One Thing…

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I’m goin’ down to San Diego! By train. My San Diego band has a gig next week-end and we have to practice. PS. Compound eyes are soooo cool!

Friday July 18th, 2008 in Bugs / Road Trip | No Comments »

Another Insect…

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… another road trip! Believe it or not, this is an insect, or, rather, insects. It’s called a beech blight aphid. Notice this is not a mantis. A mantis, by Sonicfrog Blog tradition, means I am going to San Diego. Tomorrow I’m going to the California central coast, a small town near Santa Cruz called […]

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BACK OFF!!!!!!!!

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Yes it’s an insect, yet another Praying Mantis. But unlike the previous insect posts, this DOES NOT mean I am going to San Diego. I made a pledge last week-end that I would not do any long distance driving this week-end, and I am keeping my end of the deal. Hat Tip: Digg.

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Hey Look, Another Insect!

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It’s a Mantis, in honor of Antis, a RareForm groupie who recently discovered the visceral joys of A praying mantis is an insect, and yes, that means I am going back down to San Diego…. again. I’ve done so much driving around lately I’m starting to feel a bit like a truck driver.

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Insect Night…

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… at This can only mean one thing. I’m going to San Diego tomorrow. This video is not for the squeamish.  Enjoy!!!

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