A Sad Goodbye…

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… to a great voice in Rock and Roll.

New Blotopus Entry…

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… former Chris Plays Guitar groupie and all around good person – Amanda (a.k.a. Amantis).

Uh Oh….

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this is going to get U.G.L.Y.!!! My little brother is a true believer, and won’t even consider the possibility that any one single prognostication provided by the current crop of climatologist could be wrong or scientifically flawed. It’s not as if scientists have never been in error in the past. Science is supposed to be self correcting and not in the business of shutting out dissent. Yet if you question any aspect of the doomsday brigades, you are labeled as some sort of heretic and must not be heard. I am a bit of a skeptic on the matter – it’s not that I don’t believe we are having some negative effect on the ecology of the planet, I just don’t subscribe to every doomsday prediction that comes down the pike.

PS. It’s late and I don’t feel very literate, so this post is probably choppy. Deal with it.